[News|Trans] Kyunwoo “I’ll enter the military service at the end of next year…”

Kyunwoo “I’ll enter the military service at the end of the year, and volunteer a military band”

Singer Kyunwoo (29) is scheduled to be enlisted to military at the end of next year.

Yesterday (December 6), in and interview with Star News about comeback of male vocal group M Signal at December 1, Kyunwoo said , “Based on the physical examination, I’m scheduled to be enlisted at the end of next year.”

Kyunwoo said, “Although there are several places where I might be placed, I want to try supporting the police to learn about classical music and perform as an orchestra on stage.

After  releasing his latest album, which is his 2nd album, in 2008, Kyunwoo has also participated in various OST, besides devoting in studying music.  During his break, he didn’t neglect learning music by receiving master degree from Graduate School of Arts and Popular Culture, Dankook University.

Kyunwoo said, ”I was supposed to enroll in a doctoral degree programme, but I have to put it off because of military service. Before enlisting to the army and even after returning, I want to put my attention to M Signal.“

Recently, Kyunwoo together with a talented singer Jeon Kwenhwa formed a male duo. They has released their first mini album ‘Even the Dress Hem’ at December 1.  In December 2, the two person appeared at KBS2TV ‘Music Bank showing  an outstanding performance with their superior vocal ability which has attracted people’s attention.

Kyunwoo expected, “By introducing our song, we want to be a recognized group. We’ve considered carefully about everything, we’ve work hard to show you that. I really hope, please take care of us.

Meanwhile, Kyunwoo debuted as a solo singer in 2005 and received a lot of love with his first full album title ‘The Words of My Tears”. Member Jeon Kwenhwa also debuted as a solo under the name of Geonhee before becoming a member of group ‘Nine Street’. He also has become vocal trainers for FT Island and CNBLUE members in their current agency, FNC Music.

Source: Star News

Translation: rfn@miraclesignal

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