[Twitter Trans] December 11, 2011

@Goldkyunwoo: 인기가요 하러왔어요^^ 응원해주시길!
Trans: I’ve come to appear at Inkigayo^^ Please support!

@Goldkyunwoo: 인기가요 끝나고 CNBLUE 친구들 콘서트 가요 멋쟁이 친구들 FNC 퐈이야^^
Trans: Inkigayo has finished and I’ll go to CNBLUE concert, gorgeous friends from FNC^^

@Goldkyunwoo: CNBLUE 콘써트 잘한다 멋쟁이들 ㅋㅋ
Trans: CNBLUE concert is well-done, our gorgeous keke

@Goldkyunwoo: RT @CNBLUE_4: 오늘 와준 FTISLAND친구들과 M시그널 형들과도 한컷 !!

Trans: One shot with FTISLAND and M Signal hyung who came today!!

~Kyunwoo at the far right end, beside Minhyuk, black coat, brown shawl, V-sign

~Geunhwa at the front, beside Minhwan, jacket with white fur collar, V-sign, gorgeous 

@BabyHurawa: 잠시후 SBS인기가요에서 뵐게요!! M시그널은 여섯번째 순서입니다^_^

Trans: See you later at SBS Inkigayo! M Signal is the sixth performer ^_^

@BabyHurawa: 씨엔블루 콘서트 왔습니다^_^ In My Head!!!!!!! 신난닷! 커커커커커커 용화군 물건이야~~~~~~

Trans:  I came to CNBLUE concert ^_^ In My Head!!!!!!! Awesome! Yonghwa-gun is good~~~~~~ 

Translation: rfn@miraclesignal

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