[News|Trans] Male duo M Signal “We are ‘returned rookie’!”

“We are ‘returned rookie’!”

New male duo M Signal from FNC Music, the agency of CNBLUE and FT Island, called themselves as ‘returned rookie (dol-shin)’. Dol-shin is the abbreviation from ‘dora-on shin-in’ means ‘returned rookie’. If we look at the team’s composition, that’s the appropriate expression.

First member, Kyunwoo (29) originally released his first full album titled ‘The Words of My Tears’ in August 2005. By that album, he was known as a sad-ballad singer with husky voice. His second album ‘It Was You’ was released in 2008 after hiatus for a while. The agency was also split.  Since then, he has sung ‘You Don’t Know’ for MBC ‘You’ve Fallen For Me’ OST.  Since the drama’s main character was played by CNBLUE member, Jung Yonghwa, and Kyunwoo sang the OST, he started to build a connection with FNC Music.

Although he has released albums, he rarely showed himself. We could see his appearance in TV after 6 years since the broadcasted activities with M Signal started. He said, “During hiatus, although there are several works that I did, my heart never abandoned music. Now, I met a stable company, I do broadcasting activities again and I can concentrate in singing. I’m truly excited.”

The other member, Jeon Geunhwa (29) is also not a new singer. In 2005, he released his first full album using Geonhwi as his stage name. He met Kyunwoo at their debut time. In particular, they know each other because they have the same stylist. After releasing his first solo album, because the situation of the company is not good, he had no activities. In 2008, he joined with 6 member co-ed vocal group ‘Nine Street’. However, because the outcome didn’t meet the expectation, he joined Hongdae indie band ‘Moss Isle’ and did underground activities. In fact, he was well-known as a vocal trainer rather than a singer. He worked as a vocal trainer in FNC Music and taught FT Island’s Song Seunghyun and CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun. Doing so, when Kyunwoo joined FNC, the two met again. And together, they harmonized well as M Signal.

The title song from their first mini album, ‘Even the Dress Hem’, is a dynamic ballad song with up-tempo. Accompanied by bowstring and orchestra, deep emotion from Kyunwoo and Jeon Geunhwa’s vocal resulted in a great harmony.

Looking at the style of idol in the music industry, it’s true that the public’s attention to a male duo is rather weak. However, M Signal said, “We’re not aiming that niche market. Apparently, we want public views us as a team who is highlighting vocal. Even if we do various genre, when they listen to our voice, they’ll say ‘Ah, this song is M Signal’s voice’. We want to achieve that kind of distinction.”

Source: Sports Seoul

Translation: rfn@miraclesignal

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3 Responses to [News|Trans] Male duo M Signal “We are ‘returned rookie’!”

  1. anne says:

    I honestly love their voices. I can’t believe FNC was able to pair up these 2 amazing vocalist. Another perfect combination. ^^

  2. ayien says:

    i love their voices!!..their song also..i hope they will success in future..fighting!

  3. jenny says:

    a very powerful voices!

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