[Interview|Trans] M Signal “Only ballad? Hyuna and unusual choreography is also possible”

“It’s a sad ballad but fast tempo that can make your body goes shake shake. We also decided our visual appearance on our own.”

M Signal talked about ‘light ballad’. However, they never over-love it. ‘Returned rookie’ has extra space (for other genre).

M Signal (the abbreviation of Miracle Signal), which means ‘send good signal’ male duo, is a first vocal group from FNC Music, the agency of band FT Island and CNBLUE. Although at first glance, they look like rookie, member Kyunwoo and Jeon Geunhwa has already entered the entertainment world since 2005 but ‘well-hidden’.

In August 2005, Kyunwo released his 1st album ‘City Of Angel’ with title song ‘Words of My Tears’. His name is acknowledged through broadcast for about 4-5 months.   Also Jeon Geunhwa, under the name of ‘Gyeonhwi’, debuted with digital single album ‘Happy My Star, but didn’t receive attention.

Those two people’s voice met in ‘You Don’t Know Me’, a soundtrack for MBC Drama ‘You’ve Fallen For Me’ starring Park Shinhye and Jung Yonghwa that was broadcasted last August. Their current agency was attracted and suggested to form male duo as M Signal. In December 1st 2011, they released their first mini album ‘Even the Dress Hem’. Their emotional and sad vocal filled in the title song with a story about farewell to future life.

Meeting the two person at the office building at Chungjeongro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, they seem like aren’t familiar in front of camera, so their expression became rigid. However, they started revealing their scarlet gum after a photographer joked about ‘wine and beef soup’.

“Struggle to live? I just live”

Maybe, M Signal Kyunwoo and Jeon Geunhwa had no idea with their unforeseen destiny. To the photographer, the two men that met 6 years ago began telling a story about ‘talk behind someone’s back’.

-How the two of you become a duet?

“The two of us debuted in 2005. Although we had different agency at that time, we had the same stylist and photographer. We got to know each other face at hair shop and studio. That’s why, album jacket picture is similar. Later, we distinguished that photographer noona. Somehow, these days, I’m doing good …….”(Kyunwoo)

Upon Kyunwoo’s words, Jeon Geunhwa said with guile stare, “I don’t know that we would become a team like this! We made for each other.”

-Personal history, clothing, and personality look like the same. Your breathing, is it really match each other?

“We’re not living together in a dormitory. When we sing a song, we don’t even look at each other. When we look at each other’s face, we burst out laughing in the air. In live performance, we only look at each other once. When I glance, the expression is very absorbed and emotional …….” (Kyunwoo)

-Although you continuously doing music activities, we can’t see you on stage.  During hiatus, what did you do?

“For me, immediately after graduating from college in 2008, I enrolled to Graduate School of Arts in Popular Culture, Dankook University and finished my master degree. While studying, my priority is to get to know many people. I attended school together with Jihoon (Rain), Kim Jongkoo, Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul), so we’ve boceme more closer. In my academy, I also wrote my thesis in China music fair. There was a lot of interest for Blue Ocean market. Later, when I got the opportunity, in my heart, I want to advance my career. Now, I also give lectures in Myongji University.”(Kyunwoo)

“In fact, I wasn’t in a hiatus. I sang for drama ‘Fantasy Couple’, ‘You’re Beautiful’ OST, and economic education animation ‘Let’s Go! MBA’ ending song. However, because form the first there was no attention, everyone didn’t know.” (Jeon Geunhwa)

-Through lesson, OST, remix, music arrangement, and other works, is there any income for living?

“To be able to live, we will keep working. Haha” (Kyunwoo)

“Honestly, I do it for a living. By being a singer, the money is not abundant. However, I can live until today. Now, I unable to do activities for additional income, such as giving lesson.” (Jeon Geunhwa)

“Only ballad? Dance instinct, can’t make sexy voice “

From the very beginning, M Signal’s intention is clear, that is ‘earn money from music’. That’s why it’s a big regret, if we aren’t being well-known. Jeon Geunhwa, without hesitation, heaved a sigh, “unsatisfactory” if it repeats for the second time.  He was also a vocal trainer for his junior at FNC Music, FT Island and CNBLUE.

-Have you ever felt envy for FT Island and CNBLUE?

“We’re not an idol, so we’re envy.  We’re most envy when it comes to present from company. Good things, a lot of cool things. In fact, we don’t know what are the presents.  Of course, we won’t sneak. Absolutely. We’re only ‘envy’ by our eyes.”
Geunhwa’s honesty made Kyunwoo and manager threw a big fuss. Seeing this momentum, the reporter asked whether they are also envious with their appearance.

-Have you ever thought that you are a flower-boy?

“We never think like that, but among us, Geunhwa is responsible for visual.” (Kyunwoo)

“If we try to fix our appearance, we’ll become like that. For me, by this album, it’s my first time to stand up on fancy broadcasting stage. When singing a song, my expression doesn’t come out good. At home, I practice while looking at the mirror. Kyunwoo hyung is in charge of dancing, he dances hopelessly.” (Jeon Geunhwa)

Suddenly, an arrow was facing Kyunwoo. Interview’s atmosphere became very hot. Upon Geunhwa’s talking skill, Kyunwoo expressed his feeling, “Because you’re in front of a reporter, you’ve become really excited here?”. But Geunhwa pretended not to know it.

“When Kyunwoo hyung sing, he does a little wave. But, it’s a sad song, it’s not a fast-beat tempo, so you can’t do it. Kyunwoo hyung did a lot of work of remix song for other singers, You know, the remix is delicate and trendy. To know the latest trend, he can’t don’t go to club.” (Jeon Geunhwa)

As for Kyunwoo, he participated in girl group T-ara ‘Why Are You Being Like This’ remix version and 5-dolls remix album. It doesn’t match with Kyunwoo’s lithe appearance.

-When you two meet, is there any synergy?

“Geunhwa’s voice stimulates an enjoy feeling.  He sings loudly. As for Geunhwa, his clear and chic vocal can express the delicate feeling better than me. I go for the low tunes and Geunhwa supports. Our vocal range is similar, so there’s no difference regarding our singing ability.”(Kyunwoo)

“As for me, I featured on the best rapper Tox’s song ‘Flesh’. Flesh! On the other hand, Kyunwoo hyung’s vocal is deep and has strong power.”(Jeon Geunhwa)

Upon Geunhwa’s joke, Kyunwoo also said, “Ya! Talk about our album!” and tried to steal the attention.  Then, the laughter burst.

▶”World star ‘Rain’, although he’s a friend, I’m a bit envy …….”

Kyunwoo’s  list of personal contacts of talented singers are splendor. Rain, Kim Jongkook, Brown Eyed Soul’s Sunghoon, Naeol, etc. He showed off. He isn’t envy.

-How did you know Jihoon (Rain)?

“The two of us is from Anyang and have the same age, so we’re become closer.  Once in every two months, I meet my friends. Same with Jihoon hyung. When we gathered like in world star’s birthday, everywhere we went, fans ran after us, so it was hard. My friends are also do music like me… above anything else, I envy with the encome.” (Kyunwoo)

-Who is your singer role-model?

“Yoon Sang, Lee Jeok senior. They do music well. I want to sing and make songs well, like them. There are a lot of people who can sing well. Especially, every time I hear Naeol hyung’s songs, I’m shocked.”(Kyunwoo)

▶”Let’s do good music until we’re fed up “

In latest MBC ‘I’m A Singer’, ‘well-hidden’ singer like M Signal appeared. Sometimes, M Signal also may want to appear at that kind of stage.

– When there is an offer to perform at ‘I’m A Singer’, will you accept it? In fact, when you appear at that stage, you will get tough criticism.

“We’ll go unconditionally. Criticism? It’s the fate of public singer.  It’s natural if we get criticism. Although ballad singers also have their atrophy time, it’s good when we can stand on stage bathing with lights like Jeokwoo senior. If we also get that capacity,  we want to receive that king of recognition on stage. Until the time we receive ‘I’m A Singer’ proposal, we will work hard.”

-How is the concept of the future album?

“Now, we’re appearing at broadcasting programs. Many people notify our face. So, we want to be able to get good rank in music chart.  Right now, we can’t manage to enter the chart. (smile) You can hear it until you fed up, many good songs will come up.”

– Soon, it’s Christmas. Aren’t you feeling lonely at one side? Who is your ideal type?

“I’ve being single for a year. During performance, I couldn’t find a girlfriend. Now, my mind is filling by the long-awaited album.”(Kyunwoo)

Upon Kyunwoo’s answer, Geunhwa said, “He’s pretending to have a pure heart by being alone”. He received a scolding after shamelessly revealed the ideal type.

“As for me, when I was 6 years old, I broke up with my girlfriend in the summer.  Because I was lonely, I wanna be in love. My ideal type is frequently changing. This time, number one this week is (thump thump) Hyuna! Previously, it was Lee Boyoung. But, after I saw unusual music video of Trouble Maker (Kim Hyuna, Jang Hyunseung), my heart changed. Although she is cute, I don’t think that she is that young. When there is an offer to replace Hyuna’s partner, I will practice dance hard. Haha.” (Geunhwa)


Source: Donga

Translation: rfn@msignal

ps: I had a great time translating it. It is funny and honest. I’m sorry if there’s any error.


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2 Responses to [Interview|Trans] M Signal “Only ballad? Hyuna and unusual choreography is also possible”

  1. LOL LOL LOL…geunhwa oppa….Im speechless..=.=a you wanna pairing with Hyuna..
    “Although she is cute, I don’t think that she is that young” this..XD she is look older rite..muahahhhaa…ehhh..dance…. -.-

  2. akemi2810 says:

    Thank you for translating such a long interview:x
    “Upon Kyunwoo’s answer, Geunhwa said, “He’s pretending to have a pure heart by being alone”
    Hahahah…Jeunhwa oppa is very funny and they seem to be close to each other:)
    I love all their answers. They show that they are deeply in love with music, not only “earn money from music” but also “live because of music”. That’s so great XD
    I hope they can enter the chart soon :T_T: They deserve that.

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