[Interview|Trans] Mnet’s Pick: M Signal and Kim Yerim unite

Hello. Mnet.com viewers, we are M Signal!

Q: Last year, you debuted with ‘At Least My Hem’. Now, you come back with new song titled ‘Two People’. Please introduce the new album ‘Two People’.
[Kyunwoo] Our first digital single, ‘Two People’, is composed by Ryu Jaehyun of Vibes and we’re featuring with Kim Yerim of Two Months. This song is a sad ballad song that tells about a lover that could do everything together but now he couldn’t do anything.

Q: We heard that M Signal ‘Two People’ is featuring with Kim Yerim of Two Months that has been gaining attention from Superstar K3. How was it working with her?
[Kyunwoo] At leisure time, we watched ‘Superstar K3’ and we fall in love with Kim Yerim’s voice and stage performance. And after hearing story about her, we think that she will be a perfect match for us. We’re really excited. The director of ‘Two People’ is a very well known Ryu Jaehyun from Vibe. Because he took charge of controller very well, there weren’t any large difficulties in working together with her. M Signal started recording first, we recorded separately. Later, we compile it with Kim Yerim’s part. We can hear her distinct and charming voice. It felt really good.
Q: Especially, as this time you are featuring with Kim Yerim of Two Months, there is an episode that you anticipated a lot. Please tell us if there is an episode^^
[Kyunwoo] We watched ‘Superstar K’‘ with curiosity and want to meet her. As soon as we met, we kept wondering and asked her continuously. Kim Yerim is humble and shy. At first, we were really awkward, but when we were shot for music video, we joked and the atmosphere became comfortable. At the first recording, because Yerim had a schedule at that day, she was really tired. However, she really concentrated at the recording booth, so we are really thankful.

Q: We heard that ‘Two People’ is a composition from Ryu Jaehyun of Vibe. We wonder if you have a special relationship with him.Please tell us how you get the new song ‘Two People’ ^^
[Kyunwoo] Since a long time, we, together with our company’s president have did a lot of work with Ryu Jaehyun, that’s how we know him. Because of that relationship, we received an opportunity to be able to work together with him. In addition, Ryu Jaehyun has a cousin that wants to be a singer who has ever been trained by Geunhwa.  And I also have ever taken a vocal lesson in Ryu Jaehyun’s company. I really like him for a long time, so being able working together with him, I feel really happy.

Q: Now, the new year has come. Last year, through ‘At Least My Hem’, you received love. This time, through M Signal new album ‘Two People’, you have prepared and expec to remain like that. Please let us know about the plan of your future activities ^^
[Kyunwoo] ‘Two People’ has been released, in the future, you can see our appearances through various media. Please look forward for it!

Q: Lastly, please share your plan of future activities with Mnet.com viewers.

[Kyunwoo] Mnet.com viewers. Now, the new year has already passed, although it’s late, we wish you a happy new year. And for Lunar New Year that will come soon, please spend a happy time with your family. Please give a lot of love to ‘Two People’. Thank you ^^

Source: Mnet’s Pick
Trans: rfn@msignal

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