[Photos|Interview] Kim Yelim’s interview about “two of us” with some photos of recording scene.

Q: This time, you did recording together with M Signal, how did you feel? How are they?
A: Although today is the first time I see them, they are very friendly. They also explained the song very well. I was worried before, but it turned out good. ^_^

Q: This song, what kind of feeling that it has?
A: Actually that genre itself is not really adjacent with my genre. However, the atmosphere of the whole song is really good. And the story is about a sad love story.

Q: Now, instead with Do Daeyoon (‘Two Months’ member), you did recording alone and sang with other people, how it was feel?
A: When I perform in Superstar K with Daeyoon, our rhythm is really matched wall. However, working and singing with other people turned out very fun.

music.naver.com via @Tokkona
Trans: rfn@msignal

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