M Signal Profile

Kyunwoo - Geunhwa

M SIGNAL (Miracle Signal) is a male group duo project from FNC Music.

견우/KyunWoo/@Goldkyunwoo  [1982.August.21]

He was debuted as a solo singer in 2005, but he spent hard time for 3 years because of caring his sick mother.

전근화/Jeon GeunHwa/@BabyHurawa [1983.February.19]

He debuted as 건휘 (Geonhee) in 2005. He was a member of 나인스트릿 (Nine Street) and band 모스아일. He is a vocal trainer and composer of FNC MUSIC.


4 Responses to M Signal Profile

  1. iheartdongha says:

    So the one with glasses is Gyunwoo? Thank you for this! 🙂

  2. tamagocnbjnl says:

    thanks~~ ^o^ I like their miracle voices!

  3. nu'est lover says:

    they have the same face!! haha lolz

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